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For a few years, I played a very small part in the production of several Halo commercials starting with Halo 3. I used to do the initial story sketches for each of the spots. I worked on Reach, ODST, and Halo 3&4. The funny thing is the only Halo game I’ve ever played is Halo 5, and that’s the set of commercials that I did not get a chance to work on.

Anyway, what we have here is a couple of pages fr the short story “On the Brink”. My contribution along w/writer Duffy Boudreau to the new Halo comic anthology from Dark Horse Comics called, “Tales from Slipspace”, which is available in stores now.

Been a while since I’ve worked in the Halo Universe and it was a lot of fun to get to draw Master Chief one more time.

In stores this Wednesday, Call of Duty: Zombies #1! Drawn by me and published by those fine folks at Dark Horse Comics.

The drawing I did of The Demon for Jack Kirby’s birthday is finally up for auction! I don’t make a dime, all money goes to The Hero Initiative to help out comic artists in need. Support a good cause.



Found a stack of old comics I drew when I was a dopey kid. People who’ve been following me for a long, LONG fucking time know that this is. Adding this to the pile of bullshit that @milesritchie has got to scan for me.

Fr back in the days when I made comics with photocopy machines. No computer nonsense needed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! We ain’t shit without yr hard work and inspiration. Yr the KING of em’ all y’all!

Did this drawing of THE DEMON to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday w/The Hero Initiative & a legion of amazing artists. It’ll be up for auction in support of The Hero Initiative sometime in the near future. #WakeUpandDraw