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Check it out. ZEROFRIENDS has a new release to celebrate our favorite Friday. The 5×7″ print set, which we call “13″, includes this piece as well as work by Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, and Matt Ritchie. This is a time-limited edition print set and is only available through the weekend. Check out Zerofriends for more info!
I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Collective Podcast.  I had a blast shooting the shit with my boy, Ash Thorp.  Make yourself feel smart by listening to something dumb.


Here’s Gollum.  He’s not himself until he gets his coffee.  This piece along with new work by Ben Templesmith and David Stoupakis available at the 44Flood Store.

My last contribution to this year’s TINY TRIFECTA. Opens June 14th in Brooklyn. Amazing group of artists putting up small sized works for sale. All priced at $100. Hosted by the fine folks at The Cotton Candy Machine. 5×7 inches.

Getting sloppy. My second 5×7 inch piece for The Cotton Candy Machine’s TINY TRIFECTA. Opens next week.