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Unfinished drawing/sketch found in the files this morning from god knows when. I don’t remember why I stopped working on it or what it was about. It’s probably a better piece being incomplete than it would have been as a finished drawing.

Speaking of abortive fiascos, the good people at HiFructose posted up some of my sketches. Check it out. Thanks dudes.


Sketch fr yesterday. Still busy drawing them comic pages. 5.5×5.9 inches.

A closeup…a preview…of the cover for When the Chickens Revolt​ book. It’s another collaboration between Sam Kieth and myself. We went back and forth with this one a couple of times and we finished it a couple of years ago. Super crusty and abstract. Just plain filthy. The texture makes it a bitch to scan. Hopefully I’ll have some time to scan and get you guys a proper pic of the entire cover real soon. Word.

When the Chickens Revolt​ is coming back to life, thanks to Sam. Here is one of his pages. He’s a maniac. I got a note saying he’s 20 pages deep in a sequence that should be 35 pages when finished. Holy Shit! I gotta get back to work on this thing.

Sam posted more work in progress pix of his other pages at his blog.

PS, we have the cover for the book finished.