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My piece inspired by the Eraserhead baby and the creepy Daddy/Daughter scene in Twin Peaks.

It’ll be hanging at the “IN DREAMS” group show. A collection of works paying homage to the films of David Lynch. Opening this Saturday at Spoke Art in San Fran-fucking-cisco.

It’s the 1 year anniversary of the Zerofriends Store! To celebrate, I’ll be sitting around sketching and watching Hyuna videos w/Alex, Dave, Matt, N8, Brian, Ricky, Bowen, Emo, Ug, Joemur, Lauren, my sidekick Miles, and a bunch of other talented maniacs!

Same drill as usual. You want a sketch? Bring me a beer, and I’ll crap something out. NO CASH ACCEPTED!!! Only beer…oh, and donuts.

Saturday, March 1st, 12-4pm – 419 Haight St, San Francisco.

From a few years back. For one of the Tiny Trifecta shows at The Cotton Candy Machine.

Thursday night, Zerofriends is releasing my print, “The Kiss of Death”. I rarely release a print, so those that have been asking, here is your chance. The print is 16×20, same size as the original art. It’s the closest thing you can get to having the actual piece.

6×6 inches. Still haven’t finished any of the bigger pieces yet.