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Amazing colors by Allen Passalaqua (JSA, Batman Confidential, Superman: The Last Family of Krypton).

Yesterday’s morning warm-up.

Attaboy and Annie were nice enough to include my interview and a few images I did for them awhile back in this beautiful collected edition of their Hi-Fructose Magazine. Nice lineup of artists, including an arrogant prick/one of my all time heroes, Paul Pope.

Hi-Fructose Collected Hardcover Book Volume 2 Box Set:
“The Hi-Fructose Collected 2 Hardcover Book A thick 300+ page hardcover book expands a best of selection of material from issues 5-8 of the magazine. Beautifully printed with surprise fold-outs. Packed with intelligent interviews and exposés on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists…”

This piece will be hanging, along with the Race War piece in the LITTLE MONSTERS Halloween Art Show, opening this weekend.

OPENING: Sunday, October 31 · 6:00pm – 11:00pm
LOCATION: Million Fishes Gallery, 2501 Bryant Street, San Francisco.

‎”…unfortunately this is also the second time I’ve decided not to look at your website, since the choice of art for the postcard is so wildly unprofessional. Until you’ve changed it, I prefer to be off your list, and I strongly suggest you think twice before sending female editors Joker/Harley soft porn as a way of soliciting work.”

This editor does not realize that I have already been working for her studio for the past few years.