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Archive for March 2013

This one, I remember the title of. It’s helluva huge, 30×40, and it’s called “Ultra-bobo”.

Today’s the last day to see FRACTURED MINDS. For you people that missed this show, we’ll be having a little happy hour celebration. 5-9pm at 111 Minna Gallery. Come by and grab a beer.

And a final “THANKS” to all of our friends and supporters. On to the next one.

FRACTURED MINDS closes tomorrow. I have a weird affection for this piece. I don’t know why. Again, I cannot remember the name of the piece.

A friend requested another sketch of the “goddamn batman”. Is that bat-guano on his head?

CBR likes TOME! And hopefully you do, too. They also got a photo on there that gives a little peek at one of my double page spreads.

Another piece fr the “Fractured Minds” show. For some reason, I cannot remember the name of this piece. Not like it really matters. Fuck it.