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Archive for April 2013

Battle Angel Alita – One of two contributions to Gag Me with a Toon V. Opening this Saturday at the WWA Gallery in LA.

6″x6″ – ink/gouache on paper.

WORK IN PROGESS – for the Thinkspace curated LAX/PHL show at Gallery 309 in Phillie. Opens May 10th.

I’ve known Dave Correia for quite a few years, but this is the first time we’ll be collaborating on one piece. You can see us paint LIVE this Saturday at the Zerofriends Shop in San Francisco from 1pm-7pm. Come early, cause we’ll be drunk later.

Starting a new sketchbook. This postcard has been on the walls of my various studios for over 15yrs. Time to retire it.

Dropped this off at the post office. The old Asian lady working the desk wasn’t impressed.