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Archive for October 23rd, 2015


As part of the LA NORIA IndieGoGo Campaign, we’re offering these Hand Embellished Prints as an incentive.

This is an Edition of 10 prints. That’s it. Each one is hand painted and completely unique. No two prints are the same. I spend a good amount of time painting these prints, so I hope you all dig them.

My poster in support of the LA NORIA IndieGoGO Campaign.

LA NORIA is an independent, short, 3D animated film that is the brainchild of my buddy Carlos Baena. I got to help out with some storyboard and concept work in the early stages of the film’s development.

It’s a beautiful little piece that is very personal to Carlos. If you can help out, that would be amazing, and we appreciate it. There are some great rewards, including an edition of 10 unique, hand-embellished prints of this piece. They also have some of my original storyboard drawings up for grabs as well.

Let’s get this thing finished. Thanks.