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Brown Eyed Girls

WONDERCON is rearing it’s ugly head in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. You can find me at TABLE SP45 in the Small Press area. I’ll have the usual warez, including the first issue of my new series for DC Comics, coming later this year. This’ll be yr first chance to sneak a peek at this yet to be announced project.

The boys @ Gallery Nucleus have been good enough to include me in their upcoming show, ZOMBIES IN LOVE. It opens the night of February 6th. Check the website for info. It think they will have brain tacos, a band playing, and all kinds of other schtick. Join the bandwagon assholes!

The Heavy
A freestyle…One of three pieces that will be available @ Gallery Nucleus. Opening reception Feb 6th.

Today, go to yr local comic store, and pick up the new issue of The Authority: The Lost Year #5. Pencils and inks by myself, with colors by Allen Passalaqua. I’m also hard at work on a yet to be announced project for DC Comics…6 issues, coming sometime later this year.