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‎”…unfortunately this is also the second time I’ve decided not to look at your website, since the choice of art for the postcard is so wildly unprofessional. Until you’ve changed it, I prefer to be off your list, and I strongly suggest you think twice before sending female editors Joker/Harley soft porn as a way of soliciting work.”

This editor does not realize that I have already been working for her studio for the past few years.

Aint It Cool News reviewed TONER #5, takes it, and likes it!

Dollar Days is coming!  What is dollar day you ask?  Why, it is a day in October where I will have 5 drawings priced at a dollar each!  Get on the mailing list to stay informed.

Thanks to all the peoples that picked up the new TONER V, bought original art, and just took the time to take a look. Also, a special thanks to Sean Andress, who wrote the text in the novel that Charlie is reading in TONER V. Sorry buddy, I owe you one.

It’s here! TONER V is here! You can find me, with TONER, the handsome Mr Correia (pictured above), and original art for sale in the Small Press area on the corner,TABLE M01. I’m listed as TOWN O’ CRAZIES.